The Plaxis Development Community (PDC) is a group of users of the Plaxis Software, that supports the development of the software.

Plaxis supplies  a range of geo-engineering software tools, based on the finite element method. These tools enable engineers to calculate and design advanced geotechnical structures of which the interaction between the soil and structure is an important part.

The objective of the PDC is to ensure that Plaxis continues to improve the software and remains attuned to advances in design practice. The PDC is an open community. Many companies and organizations, primarily in Western Europe, are already a member. If you would also like to become part of this community of international professionals in your field, share your experience with them and contribute to the ongoing improvement of Plaxis, then please contact us.

The coordination of the PDC is carried out by a committee, the PDCC. This process is supported by SBRCURnet, which has extensive experience in innovative research in the civil engineering sector.